Are you dreaming of a boy or girl? At Gender Balance we offer coaching to conceive the baby of your dreams! No need for a consult to find out about the diet and other factors who play a role. Everything is done online from the privacy of your own home. We are making some changes though. Because of the huge amount of new customers, we are forced to switch from personal coaching to group coaching. We are working on the webinars and expect them to be online by the first of September. Only one spot left for private coaching for €362 before we are FULL. From the first of September we will be charging €499, continue reading to find out what’s going to change and why. Make sure you join us on time to profit from the current price!

  • What is Gender Balance?

    Gender Balance has been developed and designed by one woman: Leonie, your Gender Balance coach. At first it started small, as this method was never meant to become a business but to fulfil her own hopes and dreams for a little girl. But once the ball got rolling, it quickly got out of hand. Everything was offered for free at first, but as a volunteer it quickly became impossible to have time for anything else. And food still doesn’t magically appear on the table! So reluctantly she started charging a low sum to compensate for her time and knowledge. This went well for a while, but once word went out, it became more and more busy. And now we have reached the point where it’s become impossible to continue with the personal coaching. To continue to help others make their dream come true of a beautiful boy or girl, she decided to move on to webinars and group coaching. This basically comes down to all the information needed to conceive the baby of your dreams, combined and explained in a series of video’s (webinars). It contains all you need to know, from the background of the study (to which over 2000 women participated) to practical steps to what you can do to have a boy or girl next.

  • The Gender Balance method to conceive a boy or a girl has a success rate of 94%! This is the highest success rate you will ever find!

    The latest results are as follows:

    Mothers who followed the Gender Balance method for a girl:

    • → 79 successfully had girls and 5 had boys (I know why they had boys and the new method will have more success, as I cover what went wrong with these 5 ladies)

    Mothers who followed the Gender Balance method for a boy:

    • → 26 successfully had boys and 2 had girls. (I know why they had girls and the new method will have more success, as I cover what went wrong with these 2 ladies)

  • How many video’s will there be and how can I access them?

    As a customer you will receive a link to join the private section that allows you to view the webinars. You can watch these whenever you want to. All information will be available to you to view at your own pace and can be reviewed to refresh your memory. On average we will start with about 5 video’s per gender, as more information and questions become available, more video’s will be posted. Note: everything discussed is strictly secret, you are not allowed to share any information with others.

  • What if I have a question about the method as a customer?

    Leonie will add video’s where most frequently asked questions will be discussed. The expectation is that she will post these once a week (times 4: for boys and girls and English and Dutch). So if you have a burning question, send these to info@genderbalance.nl and she will answer your question in the next video. Customers who have already purchased the personal advice will still be eligible for personal coaching, so the answer will be given asap. Please keep in mind the time zone difference and the amount of customers, so if you can read the advice again to find your answer, this is very much preferred and appreciated. Please note: there is only space for 1 more customers for the personal coaching! So if you want to access this and the video’s, make sure you do so quickly to not miss out on this last opportunity!

  • How long does it take to complete this method:

    On average 3 months for both a boy or a girl. You need to follow the directions until you have a positive pregnancy test!

  • I’m already a customer, will I still receive personal coaching and access to the webinars?

    YES! You will have the best of both worlds. Lucky!

  • Why is it so expensive?

    Once we break it down, you’ll realise it’s not:

    • → This is a more than full-time run company, run by only one person. If I were to work this amount of hours as an employee, I would make much more money. This is a choice I make, yet is why we charge this amount. I simply have bills to pay like anyone else.

    • → Taxes! 51% of each payment goes to taxes, sometimes even more. Furthermore in the Netherlands we are required to get an insurance in case we get sick. This will take a huge chunk of my income.

    • → Daycare, my kids need a safe and fun place to play and learn when mom is at work. So it’s either not working, hence not helping people, or charging them for the extra costs I am making.

    • → Website: this website is designed and developed by a professional. This is a huge cost post.

    • → Rules and regulations we need to follow as a listed company, this is again expensive.

    • → In the end a small percentage can be used to make all this work profitable. Like I said: I would earn more if I worked for a corporation with my degree and experience. I chose not to. This is my dream job! And I’ll gladly help you achieve your dreams as well! But again: I should make a normal profit based on the effort I put in for you.

  • Who is behind Gender Balance?

    I’m Leonie, married to John, mom of three. A girl (who sadly passed away) and two boys, currently swaying for another girl. I’ve studied Communication at the University of Leiden and received my Bachelors Degree in 2009. Since 2012 I have studied Gender for my own benefit, as I was desperate to have another little girl. This time in hopes to keep her in our arms forever and raise a strong independent woman! Our sons are two wonderful, enthusiastic, intelligent boys, who are so precious to us. Having Gender Desire does not mean we are not grateful for the children we do have. Nor does it mean that health is not a priority. My dream and that of many others is to have another child of a certain gender. Unfortunately I have been struggling with my health for the past few years, but hopefully soon we will get the go ahead from the hospital!

  • Do I get a refund if I get the opposite gender or if I don’t get pregnant?

    No, there are several reasons. I give you all the information you need which has been acquired with 8 years of research. You are compensating me for this time and energy and you are aware of the fact that no method is 100%. You gladly accept the best success rate available of 94% or you don’t. We are a registered company, this means we pay tax (21% per customer, plus 31%, this leaves a low amount for your coach that helps pay the bills we make for keeping the business running and helping as many people as possible achieve their dreams! Plus: don’t worry about that! You are much more likely to succeed if you follow the advice to the T).

  • I have another question that’s not in here?

    Please send your questions to info@genderbalance.nl. Please note: I do NOT make exceptions! Every day I get tons of requests from people who told me a sad story and ask for my time for free. Or just a tip, a hint or something. I don’t do that anymore. Yes, I have done so in the past and have often regretted this deeply. Because again: I don’t owe anyone my time, energy or knowledge. Neither do you! We don’t go to the bakery to demand a birthday cake for free or request the dentist to pull a tooth in exchange for eternal gratitude. This is costing me time and it’s valuable. So don’t bother unless you are really interested in joining. Not trying to be mean here, it’s just not worth my time if you’re not sure or if you’re wanting to take advantage of me. You join on that basis or you don’t. All up to you.

  • I want to join, what do I do?

    Send a message to info@genderbalance.nl and let me know you are in! Always happy to have new moms join us and make our dreams come true together!

Best regards,

Leonie van Noort
Gender Balance coach