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Over the past 6 years I have studied gender and how this is influenced by the parents lifestyle before conception takes place. Answering these questions such as your diet, exercise, vitamins, health and much more will help me determine if you are more likely to conceive a boy or girl in the (near) future. Or if you are currently pregnant with a boy or a girl. The predictions are never 100%, but I have success rate of over 90% through my questionnaires.

The costs for the questionnaire are €9.99. Please be sure to check if your email address is correct! You will receive the results through email. No refunds if prediction is incorrect.

Please note:

If you want more info on how to sway gender for a boy or a girl, click here.

There are limited amounts of predictions available! So if we're full, please place yourself on the waitinglist (it will show up when the slots are full) or try again later. Have fun!

Take the questionnaire and receive your prediction!