Corona: important information

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Corona: important information

For those who are currently in less affected areas or that haven’t received adequate information from their government so far. We know it has spread to most parts of the world already and only now governments are starting to realise what we are facing here. Some people are still laughing it off, some people are still too scared to even take it seriously. Because that’s what it is: fear. And some people do weird stuff when they are scared. They become bold, take risks, laugh at those who are getting ready for what is now a pandemic. Corona is a real threat to all of us and if I can do my bit to help ease the stress and amount of deaths, I will. Because we need to work together as human beings. This is the time to do something for everyone else, not just yourself and your loved ones. You need to get ready without panicking, and you will do so for you and everyone else.

For those who are still laughing and calling all of this an overreaction: I really hope you will never see or feel how they feel in the heavily affected countries. I really hope this. I do not wish what is happening right now in Italy for example, on anyone. Thousands of people have died. Yes, the common flu also kills people. But this is not a common flu! Those who have died or are dying right now, could have been prevented! These men and women did not deserve to die like this. Like what? Well… Long story short: corona will infect roughly about 60% of the population. 90% of them will experience mild symptoms, such as coughing, a slight fever, feeling a bit unwell.

Right now there are 246,777 people diagnosed with corona. But: those are only confirmed cases! Right now we can safely assume there are a lot more people infected, they simply do not have severe symptoms so they do not get tested. If you are coughing, feeling unwell or anything that can even remotely look like corona (or the flu) STAY INSIDE! Do not infect other people.

The amount of confirmed and registered deaths: 10,062. estimations are not accurate as not all cases could be confirmed. Remember there are countries that do not have the facilities to confirm corona did indeed cause the extra surge of deaths. In the link below (20-03-2020 is when I wrote this article) you can keep track of the spread. If you see this tomorrow or even next week, you will be seeing a massive increase. Source:

I am not here to scare you or to cause any mayhem. I am writing this to warn each and everyone of you: this is serious, this is not going to go away any time soon and yes, you can help! We need to work together in this. How can you help?

Social distancing

  • Don’t visit the elderly and the already immune compromised sick people! Protect! Them!

  • Stay inside unless there is an emergency, yes this means quarantine

  • Keep your distance form other people

  • call your doctor or hospital when you are experiencing symptoms, do not go there without them telling you how and more information will be given.


Hygiene rules

  • Wash your hands with soap and water

  • Use paper towels for drying

  • Avoid touching your face

  • clean your home!

  • use plastic gloves when cleaning

  • cough or sneeze in your elbow

  • Take your shoes off in the house.


Don’t visit your loved ones or old/sick people

Staying at home right now, is the biggest act of love there is. You might want to visit your loved ones. Hug your parents or grandparents. I beg you all: don’t! If you love them, you can show this love in one way: by staying away. This is hard, there will be tears and loneliness and fear. Let your loved ones know how much you care and this is why you stay away for their benefit.

The corona virus and what to do. It is obvious most people did not take the current outbreak seriously. If you have valued my advice so far, please read this information!

There is no reason to panic, as long as everyone is serious about trying to prevent this virus from spreading. Many governments have put orders in place, but many have not taken any precautions or simply not enough. It is up to us to take our own precautions and be smart about this! If each person takes their responsibility in this crisis, we can beat this together. I will be addressing myths and facts, what to do and what not to do and please use common sense as well: facts versus myths people!

What is coronavirus?

Unfortunately we don’t know a lot yet. Scientists and doctors all over the world have been working around the clock to try and figure it out and to find a cure. Anyone thinking this is a small bug and people are overreacting: think again. The world has been turning a blind eye way too long and it’s time all governments take precautions. If they don’t, it’s up to us to prevent the spread of this disease. Do not panic, this is not helpful at all. But please keep in mind the corona virus is a SARS and MERS-like kind of virus. It targets the lungs of it’s hosts causing high fevers, pneumonia and death in those who can not fight it due to their age or underlying condition. However, it does not spare the younger and healthy people either. Make sure you and your family are safe by following the advice given by specialists and doctors. I have gathered them here for you and hope as many people as possible will read this! Together we can beat this disease.

The incubation time is roughly 7 days, with a maximum of 14 days. This is why many countries are in lock down, to prevent a peak in illness and death. There are simply not enough beds in ICU, not enough respiratory masks and intubation equipment, nor doctors available. We need to spread the disease, so doctors and hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. In some countries the situation is so dire, they are having to make choices between who to save and who they can’t save. People are left to die alone. Old people, those who have built our world to what it is today. Left to die alone because we can’t help them. This. is. Wrong! My heart breaks for them and their poor families. And one day, this could be us. Yes, this could be your family members and loved ones too.

By spreading out the disease, by flattening the curve, we can prevent more deaths than necessary. Look at the red surge: this is well beyond what the healthcare system can handle. Corona is not going anywhere anytime soon. So by following the rules as advised by most countries and experts, we can prevent thousands, if not millions unnecessary deaths. You and I can help, if we all work together.



This is why we must take action ourselves by doing the following:

Hygiene rules:

  • Wash your hands regularly: after touching anything outside! Use soap and water and wash for at least 1 minute! Use paper towels to dry your hands and throw them away after each use.

  • Take your shoes off before you enter your home

  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Use paper towels not normal towels or air dryers.

  • Sanitize your doorknobs, toilets, bathroom, floor etc.

  • Do not shake hands, kiss people or attend crowds, the virus is highly contagious.

  • Wash your clothing and towels as hot as possible

  • Social distancing: do not visit the elderly and the sick, they will not be able to beat this virus!

  • Many countries are in lock down, people who can stay inside, need to stay inside!

  • We must prevent this virus from spreading, this is not a joke. Why this is I explain later on.

  • If you experience any symptoms like coughing, a fever and shortness of breath: do NOT go to your doctor or hospital but call them first! If you go to the hospital yourself, you will spread the disease amongst the weakest but also the medical staff. We NEED the medical staff now more than ever.


Since Gender Balance is a website for and about pregnancy and babies, here’s an example of how this would look if it were all babies. No, babies are not a virus. But imagine this: 1 baby? How wonderful! Your uterus can cope in most cases. But now imagine you conceive thousands of babies at the same time. Now what? If you conceive thousands in one go you die, or you conceive a baby every few years. Spread it out! Your body can cope, the healthcare system can cope: win win.


flatten the curve gender balance diagram


What are coronavirus symptoms and isn’t it just like a flu?

Corona is definitely not like the normal flu! Anyone still laughing at the crisis will regret this soon. What to look out for?


Coughing, airway infections (shortness of breath, trouble breathing) and high fever. If you are experiencing any of this, do NOT go to your hospital or doctors office. Call them first and ask what to do! The reason not to go to a doctor or hospital is to prevent infecting the ill and weak and our medical staff. If doctors and nurses get infected, we are all in trouble. Keep them safe!

Patients have also reported: severe headaches, throat infection and pain all over the body. More severe than in any normal flu type illness. Most people don’t experience severe problems, they are advised to stay at home, distance themselves from other people and wait it out. However: if you are having trouble breathing, call a doctor or in case of emergency: an ambulance. Do NOT go there on your own to prevent infecting others.

Anyone that has been in contact with a patient of the coronavirus, must be in quarantine. 90% of the cases will be able to do so at home. The more severe cases will need medical care.

Regular flu or cold symptoms are:

  • Runny nose

  • Slight coughing or sneezing

  • Light fever up to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.


Are you or anyone you know experiencing this? Even if it’s just a cold or a flu> Stay inside! People with a weaker immune system do not need more viruses or bacteria and you just don’t know if it’s just a cold or covid-19. Please consider your parents, grandparents, older family members and sick children. They can not and should not get infected. Those who are still making jokes about survival of the fittest: people are dying. This could be you, this could be someone you love and you do not want to live with that regret. Let’s wish the same for every human being: a lot of healthy and happy years with their families and loved ones. I don’t care if it’s my family or yours: we need to protect all of them and ourselves!

Social distancing

Sick or not: prevention is key. Remember this is a new virus but we have had pandemics in the past. Spanish flu anyone? The first wave was fine and people were laughing I’m sure. The second wave hit about 6 months later. The virus had mutated and caused over 50 million people to die within 24 hours. Yes, also the young, fit, healthy and strong. Even children. Viruses mutate and no it doesn’t have to happen in this doom scenario, but why risk it?! Don’t visit sick people, don’t visit newborns and their parents, don’t go to a restaurant or club for a last party because you fear you won;t be able to for a few months. This is stupid and selfish. Social distancing means: stay away! Only in case of urgency, like medical advice (call first) and groceries for food can you leave the house. Keep the hygiene advice in mind!

Use your common sense: I myself follow Italy. What are they doing? Lombardy is one of the richest areas in the world. Their healthcare is top notch. They are battling hard! If these rich people and the best hospitals are dying at this rate, why should we think we are better off? Ignorance can be bliss, but not right now. People are dying and they shouldn’t be! I for one would not want to be responsible for any death. We need to spread out the virus so hospitals don’t get overrun by patients, leaving people to die on their doorsteps. Think I’m overreacting? I would hate to say I told you so! Please think of your loved ones. Read up on Italy and follow what they are doing: stay at home, stay away from gatherings and crows, wash your hands and do everything necessary to prevent this pandemic from spreading.

Elderly and sick people

You might want to visit your parents or grandparents now. I know you want to, especially now. But doing so will put them at risk. You could be carrying the virus without knowing it, especially children. Let them know why you are not visiting or tell them from a safe distance. Write them a letter with the kids, have them draw them a nice picture to show them your love. They are not forgotten, we keep our distance to keep them safe. If they need groceries, leave it at their door. If they need medical help: go in but only if you are not infected! Use plastic gloves. And know: this too shall pass.

Pregnant women and newborn babies:

They are most likely slightly more at risk for complications with regards to corona but this applies to any virus and bacteria. Do not visit them! Ladies, if you are pregnant or just had a baby: eat healthy, take plenty of rest, stay on top of your hygiene and everyone around you. Do not receive visitors please! Stay safe! <3

What else can we all do to help our immune system?

Rest and relaxing: plenty of it!

It’s important to get enough sleep and to avoid stress as this is beneficial for your health and immune system. This is such an easy advice to give but not so easy to follow. We’re all tired, especially when we have kids. Please rest as much as you can. Go to bed on time and get up on time. For those of us in lock down, such as ourselves (high from the Netherlands!), it helps to make a schedule for your daily routine. Our children are not able to go to school for a few weeks (maybe months) no we are not sick, but we must prevent spreading. We are not allowed to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. My husband and I are making a schedule, as we are both working from home now. Unfortunately we will not be able to put as many hours in as we used to, as our children need our attention as well. But I would hate for my children and yours to look back on this time thinking of it as a nightmare. Let’s not traumatize our children <3

We decided this should be one of the best times of their lives! So whip out the paint brushes, the crayons, the dolls, the cars, whatever toys you have and play with them! Don’t worry about school just yet, we will get back to that soon. Besides: play is the best way to learn things. How many marbles do you have? Let’s see if we can use them for counting! Shall we right grandma a letter? Look at that: we’re learning but it’s fun! By the end of the day your kids will be happy and content and will hopefully have a good night sleep. Time for you to relax! Take a bath or shower, listen to some relaxing music (meditation apps are wonderful) and relax. Hopefully you will fall asleep soon and wake up refreshed. Good for your health, great for your immune system!


For those who have a garden or yard: play with your babies, dance, use a hoolahoop, play some soccer etc. Have fun in the fresh air! In safe and quiet areas it’s fine (for now, until your authorities advise otherwise) to go for a walk. Keep your distance from other people though. Swimming pools might be contaminated: don’t go swimming.

Do not hoard food or medical equipment! Loads of people have been hoarding toilet paper (why? We can’t eat this but ok, no food and at least your behind is clean...) and not food. Invest in canned food but leave some for everyone else ok? This is not the time to be selfish! Especially those who have to work: like medical staff but also the cleaners, food distributors etc, need to eat. If you leave empty shelves for them, that is so unfair! If you have medical masks or even industrial masks that are used in construction like building and painting, consider donating these to your local hospital. Ask them first though by telephone! Do not go there. We need our medical personnel and they need masks and gloves to stay safe. Don’t let them run out and don’t put them at risk.

Cleaning routine:

Take your shoes off as soon as you enter your home. Wash your hands. Clean your doorknobs and anything you touch regularly. Clean and mop your floors with soap. If you have pets that go outside, wipe their paws before entering. There is no evidence they carry the disease or give it to us, so don’t kick them out please! Take care of them as they are also weaker than us and they need us. If there are animals in your area left unattended due to medical reasons, please call your local shelter or feed these babies yourself if you can. Make sure they have fresh water as well. Thank you on behalf of all creatures on this planet <3

Children and what to tell them

My children are a little older but no matter how small, know they understand more than you think. Don’t keep them in the dark, they will only get more worried and scared than they should. Explain to them on their level what is going on and how we are dealing with this as adults. A cute story was posted online, but as it’s in Dutch it’s difficult for most of you to use. But it goes like this:

“Once upon a time there was a family called corona, there was mummy, daddy and all the babies. They were living on someone’s hands, but when this person shook someone else’s hands, the mummy, daddy and babies got separated. This is why they are all sad. Would you help us? If you wash your hands very often, we all go into the water and will be flushed into the ocean! That’s where we will all get together again. Thank you for helping!” Add the paper towels in as well, explain to them we cough in our elbows to help the family get together. It’s not perfect and it sounds a lot sweeter than it is, but our children need not be traumatised through all these crazy things happening right now.

Be there for them when they get scared, they will not understand us getting angry or upset because we are worried. Play with them, hug them (make sure you’re not sick) and have fun together. This is the time to spend together and love them even more than we already do! <3

I plan on making paper flowers with them to get a splash of colour in the home. Art is a great way to help them and us deal with the current situation and it’s playful learning. We are advised not to visit our family, so why not create a fun gift package for them to send to their grandparents and other loved ones? Maybe they can make some art, like a drawing or with paper flowers, write a letter, put some food in for them. Grandparents will be delighted and your children will be pleased to do something sweet. Win-win!

Gender balance and working from home

In the Netherlands and many other countries, we are told to stay at home and work from home if we can. Since children can not go to school any more to prevent spreading, it can get difficult to get a lot of hours in. At Gender Balance both my husband and I are both working from home now. With the kids being home as well, please keep in mind we may not be able to respond as soon as we would like. Thank you for understanding <3 Let’s hope this crazy time is a distant memory for all of us soon! Our priority is health now, the rest will follow as soon as possible.


  • use plastic gloves when cleaning

  • Wash your hands with soap and water

  • Use paper towels for drying

  • Avoid touching your face

  • clean your home!

  • cough or sneeze in your elbow

  • Keep your distance from other people

  • call your doctor or hospital when you are experiencing symptoms, do not go there without them telling you how and more information will be given.

  • Take your shoes off in the house.

  • wash your clothes and other laundry regularly and as hot as possible

  • Spread the curve!

  • Make this scary time a good time together, fear must not take our joy away! Stay safe all!


Best regards,

Gender Balance coach

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