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Are you dreaming of a Gender Balanced family with both boys and girls? Or just sons or daughters? You’ve come to the right place! Now were you always told that the gender of your baby was determined by men? Did you hear about the possibilities of influencing your babies gender by simply eating bananas or reducing your salt intake? Or even using the Shettles method? What if we, at Gender Balance, told you that this isn’t completely true? What if it’s actually the women who are the one’s that have the most influence in their babies gender? That us as women, have the choice of our baby’s gender in our own hands! Would you assist nature and increase your odds of having a boy or a girl? If so, then keep on reading! Because at Gender Balance we did the research and we are here to help you.


Many women (and men!) have a secret preference towards the gender of their baby. This can range between a slight wish to a feeling of incompleteness and sadness without a precious baby boy or girl. There is nothing wrong with having a preference! We all love our children dearly! And it’s false to assume people who have a desire for a boy or a girl, love their children less. If you have a secret desire for a daughter because you already have one or more sons. Or if you long for a son, because you want to know what it’s like to have one, feel welcome at Gender Balance. You do not have to explain yourself! You can tell your coach at Gender Balance about your desires and we will keep it between us. We understand you and your dreams. That is why we made this site, so you know you are NOT alone! And that there is a way to fulfil your DREAM!

You are also very welcome to come and write on our Gender Balance and Baby Gender Predictions facebook page! You will find many other women who share the same dream as you do. The goal of this facebook page is to support one another, encourage each other and heal you from your burdens of gender desire. There is a closed section on the page of Gender Balance and this section is for customers of Gender Balance only. On the private page you can talk to each other and get extra guidance from your Gender Balance coach. Click here to receive personal guidance to reach your dream! A beautiful baby BOY or GIRL!

At Gender Balance you can read more about conception and how you can use the months BEFORE pregnancy, to get ready for a boy or girl. There’s no such thing as coincidence or fate. Our bodies and nature are complex mysteries, but at Gender Balance we have unraveled the mysteries. We can help you get the baby you have always dreamed off.

Gender Balance welcomes you if you want to know more about your future babies gender. This method has been developed with the help of over 450 women! These women filled out a long and complicated questionnaire with regards to their babies gender. And they helped us prove what we already knew: there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to your babies gender! Time and time again we noticed that a woman’s lifestyle is of great value during conception. If she has a boy friendly lifestyle: she will have a boy. If she has a girl friendly lifestyle: she will have a girl. It’s just that simple! And the best part is: YOU CAN CHANGE THE ODDS! You are not destined to have only boys or girls. You can take fate into your own hands and conceive your little boy or girl. Click here to find out how you can get your hands on this valuable and successful information.

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Complete the family of your dreams! Don’t wait and see what will happen, but take control of your life. Every desire is legitimate here. Every wish is accepted. Know that you are welcome and your Gender Balance coach will guide you to your SON or DAUGHTER. Follow your dreams and find happiness and the feeling of being complete! Get a Gender Balanced family.